rumtiden idea lab is a collective of non-linear thinkers, addressing present and future problems with new ideas.

rumtiden idea lab work with various tools like music, interactive art, music, AI, VR, IoT, events, film, media, performance, architecture, food, beverages, urban planning, design, apps, web, film, events, games and robotics.

present rumtiden collective

hakan lidbo
artist, inventor, music and sounddesign, technology, games and robots
max bjorverud
art, installations, applications and sounds. digital developer of the yet not existing
jaime reyes
creative director, producer, interactive art design

mikael "grynnan" sjosten
creative technologist. programming, 3d printing and hacking

per-olov "possan" jernberg
multidisciplinary programmer, digital designer and artist

anne skoug obel
designer, creator, programmer and podcaster


kasper nilsson
researcher and creative programmer


claes gammelgaard
designer and thinker


ebrahim isaacs

inventor and entrepreneur

social interaction, information, art and music


former rumtiden collaborators

simone giertz
non-engineer, youtuber and inventor of shitty robots

marcus zetterqvist
music software inventor, developer and game designer

servando barreiro
artist, inventor, music instrument creator

ben olayinka
engineer, robot programmer and dj

shobhan shah

interaction designer, creative technologist

simon carlgren
film maker and editor
farzaneh farkish

architect and designer

goran sandstrom
software developer, engineer, audio processing, sound design and artist
davide bongiovanni

software developer, robotics and drones

david ahrstrom

visual- and sound artist, music producer

magnus frenning

generative composer, creative technologist and electronic drummer

per magnusson

prototype maker and music producer

alexander pospischil

sound artist

anders nelander

innovation, beverages and communication

robin brandt

programmer, artist and futurist


linus gustavsson

creative technologist
pontus fredin

art and web design

robin stal

film and storytelling

2018 rumtiden

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