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€ 25

makanatsu holds 110 million potential new ideas in a deck of cards. it's a game for 3-15 players that aims to re-invent how innovations are invented. 108 cards with carefully selected word. Draw 4 cards and then within 3 minutes create a pitch for an innovation, a new disruptive business or something that benefits mankind. The short amount of time and the unique blend of words sets your brain in a state of “superconductivity” where the logical part realizes that it won’t have time to interfere with the creative part using its standard arsenal of “ifs” and “buts”. Instead it joins the creative process. When ending a game of Makanatsu the players will have a brain that is fired up and ready to think new bold thoughts, a whole lot of new ideas. 


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€ 2.50.

automatically slice your sound into 8 pieces and create a groove. Record up to 16 custom sounds per song, divided into two user sound banks. rombine sounds and effects in an innovative step sequencer. change pitch of each step to create melodies. multiple effects and variations. share your work. 48 bundled sounds by boris blank.

• songs and sounds by the finest artists within electronic music: carl craig, henrik schwarz, the orb, Ttentemøller, booka shade, orbital, the the, thomas fehlmann, charles webster, håkan lidbo and more… record the sound of other Audiobus compatible apps. play back the sound into other audiobus compatible apps. for best sound, use headphones.


old, new and ongoing projects. 240 pages. pictures only.

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 $ 45

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